A TRIO of muscular bronze horses could soon guard the entrance to a housing devlopment.

An application has been submitted to Wokingham Borough Council to place three running horses on the roundabout of the entrance to the Arborfield Garrison development.

As residents drive back to their one of the soon to be built 2,000 dwellings, they could pass a Cleveland Bay stallion, an adult sports horse and a Yearling sports horse.

The proposals have been designed and will be created by Amy Goodman, who often features horses as a subject matter within her artwork, increasingly on a larger scale.

She said: “I have had a very clear vision from the start of a rearing Cleveland Bay gunner from WW1, stocky and muscular, yet magnificent. Rearing against the sky on a mound, with a retaining gabion wall that would be akin to the wall of a trench. His hogged main and docked tail, subtle indication of his history, without the need for take and the ammunition of war. He will be opposite his friend on a similar mound, allowing a dramatic silhouette for walkers on the path below them or drivers approaching.”

The aim of Ms Goodman's work is show past, present and future in a harmonious flowing installation, taking into account the local history.

Arborfield Garrison has a longstanding connection to horses, which can be seen through some of the remaining buildings, such as the Infirmary Stables, a designated Scheduled Monument.

Arborfield Garrison was established in 1904 as a Remount Depot, which supplied the military horses for both operational and ceremonial purposes.

Arborfield was one of the four principle Remount Depots which pioneered the scheme from the late 19th Century, and each of which was responsible for the training, care and redistribution of horses and mules for the British Army.