A CAMPAIGN was launched to ensure the community that the town's future is bright and to encourage people to speak for themselves.

The Love Wokingham People and Personalities campaign, released with an online video, allows local people to portray their views on the town during its regeneration.

The first video, titled ‘All we need for Christmas is YOU’, features nine Workingham personalities talking about what business is like for them at the moment and how people help them through the building works and Christmas period. 

Town Councillor, and nominated Council liaison with Wokingham businesses and Business Association, Gwynneth Hewetson, said: “Wokingham is all about its personalities and that’s why we think the best people to promote it are those personalities.

"We had nine great volunteers for this campaign – including a local musician, publican and well-known waiter, as well as familiar shopkeepers and a market trader and anybody who is at all familiar with the town will recognise some or all of them.

"I would urge everybody to have a look at these videos and, once you’ve done so, I am sure you’ll be inspired to visit Wokingham for a shopping spree or evening out.”

The campaign will include two more videos, adverts in the media, social media campaigns and other initiatives such as the free after three town parking and a Christmas scavenger hunt with retailers in the town.

Jan Rixon, a local business owner who joined the campaign, said: “I took part in this video because I passionately believe that Wokingham is a good place to be.

"Your support is of utmost importance to ensure that we, the independent retailers are all here when the work is done.

"Please work with us, take the time to come into town, there is plenty of parking and plenty of us independents with great products for Christmas. Please use us!”