A CHILDREN'S author has won a national writers award and will receive it at the country's most prestigious film studio.

Tina Stubbs, from Wokingham, won the Sylvia Anderson Award in the children's author category for her collection of self-illustrated books called Life's Little Bugs.

Sylvia Anderson was the co-creator of Thunderbirds and was the original voice of Miss Penelope. 

The awards were created by her daughters in honour of their mother. 

Ms Stubbs said: "When I heard that I had won the award, I couldn't speak, which is unusual for me. Winning this award as a self publisher who has come up against authors with bigger names and with more credibility is enormous. 

"Initially I just wanted to write a children's book and to do the illustrations. I never thought it would get to this."

Ms Stubbs also hosts workshops at schools to try and teach children some of the good habits they should have while growing up.

"The inspiration to write the books came many years when I was a single parent and trying to teach my child the fundamental good habits like washing your hands and brushing teeth while trying to balance lifestyle and work," she added.

"It was tiring and I needed help so I came up with the idea of using illustrated characters to bring about these good habits and then two and a half years ago I bit the bullet and started writing books that may help bring about these habits."

Ms Stubbs plans to write more children's books in the future and hopes for them to reach families and schools all around the world.

Ms Stubbs will receive her award at Pinewood Film Studios on December 7 and all money raised will go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.