A 23-YEAR-OLD who faced the ruff choice of leaving his family behind is feline fantastic after his business took off.

Ryan Evans, originally from Telford, moved to the area after his family inherited the stables, and he had the idea to convert them into a grooming centre and kennel in Winnersh.

Mr Evans explained: “I left my family and friends behind in Telford. My Dad was in the military and so I’m used to all the moving around. 

“My Grandparents left my mother three stables, which I converted into kennels. 

“I never met my Granddad, who rode horses, so this is all about keeping the family name going.”

Mr Evans noted the reason he decided to open up the business as a dog kennel, rather than a horse stable. 

He said: “I just love dogs really, it’s as simple as that, I never really liked school, I studied business so this seemed a logical step. 

“The new facilities allow for all the dogs that come in here to get properly cleaned and cared for, and also they’ve got a big outdoor area to play in. 

“It’s been a lonely job for the first four and a half years, my Mum’s an accountant so she does my numbers for me, but I’ve only just taken on a new person, Katrina, who does 12 hours a week. 

“I’m hoping to get her here more full-time as the business progresses.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the services, contact 01189780229 for more information.