INFLATION has climbed to its highest point in five years, but Wokingham’s MP has denied this has anything to do with Brexit. 

John Redwood, Conservative MP for Wokingham, was a strong campaigner for Vote Leave, and has now claimed that the fall of the pound has no relation to the historic referendum result. 

In a series of tweets earlier this week, Mr Redwood posted: “I do not think Brexit is the main reason for the fall of the pound since 2015 nor for the recent rise of the £ against the $.

“The main reason for the downward change in net internat’l (international) investment figure arises from strong inward investment in 2016 - an extra £334bn.

“An important part of our net outflows arise from the substantial contributions we make to the EU and from our large overseas aid payments.”

In response to his tweets, one user accused him of ‘astonishing denial.’
Then, after appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to discuss Brexit, Mr Redwood came under fire from listeners, who accused him of ‘platitudinous statements’ and said they were ‘flabbergasted’ by his views. 

But aside from generating anger, Mr Redwood found himself the unlikely source of amusement on Monday (October 16).

He appeared on BBC news just as the sky ‘turned red’ due to Saharan dust brought by ex-hurricane Ophelia.  Many people took to social media to use a screenshot of the MP as a meme, joking that ‘today is the apocalypse, John Redwood is our new overlord.’

New research released this week suggests that leaving the European Union without a trade deal could result in a sharp increase in the price of foods and other goods.