EDUCATION in the area is in a strong state, according to recently released figures. 

OFSTED results show that Wokingham schools are up on the national average, as figures show 11 per cent of schools in England do not meet expectations, compared to eight per cent in Wokingham.

An impressive 72% of schools in Wokingham are rated as 'good', with 20 per cent getting the 'outstanding' rating. 

Figures released by showed parents responses to their children's schooling, and stated that only two per cent of schools in Wokingham were inadequate. 

The figures also stated that six per cent of schools require improvement. 

In the south east of England, 12 per cent of parents said they wouldn't recommend their child's school to another parent. 

Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, has said the following on Ofsted’s new strategy: “We cannot have high quality education if teachers are being driven into the ground through excessive workload and the unreasonable expectations of an out-of-control accountability system in which Ofsted plays a leading role.”