CALIFORNIA Country Park played host to a speedway reunion this past weekend. 

The Wokingham track was the setting for the 12th annual reunion of the California Poppies Speedway team.

Anyone passing through the country park was able to view the selection of bikes, some dating as far back as 80 years. 

As well as the retro bikes, spectators to the event were also able to browse and purchase old programmes and photographs from the glory days of the Poppies team. 

Whilst most Wokingham residents will know the country park as being a nice place for an afternoon stroll or a place to walk their dog and feed the ducks, in the past it was used as a speedway track, and part of the track is still cleared and able to view and walk down. 

The concrete starting point, pictured, is believed to be the last of its' kind in the country.