ALL SAINTS primary school features children of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and learning abilities, and now they have a new headteacher. 

This summer, Tracey Stanton took over from the departing head, having previously been deputy.

Mrs Stanton said: "I was thinking about it, and really I wasn't sure whether or not I was ready to become a headteacher.

"When people came around to look, I suddenly became a bit territorial, I started to think about the journey we'd been on at this school, taking it from a 'requires improvement' level to a 'good' level, and I've been part of that journey as I'd been in that deputy role for four years. 

"I thought, hang on a minute, I've been part of this journey and actually I'd like to carry on.

"It was quite strange as we had a headteacher in place, but I needed to make decisions on staff for this year, however because I know the school, I know the staff, and the staff were really really supportive and happy I'd got the job, so it felt challenging but a positive time."

Mrs Stanton then spoke about the school budget, and the lack of money available for schools across the borough, after one headteacher resigned over the summer due to lack of funding. 

"I think it hits the hardest at staffing, it's the support for particular groups of children, we don't have as much support as we should have." She explained.

"With resources as well, we can't do what we'd like to do, we have to look at the cheapest way of doing things. 

"Especially when it comes to the ICT department, technology is hugely expensive, so we keep our computers for as long as possible and then update them, but with the way computing is moving so quickly in the outside world it's so hard to keep the learning and computing relevant. 

"We have a curriculum that states what computer skills we should be teaching our children and in an ideal world we would have a computer each for the kids, whereas in the real world they have to share computers on occasion, sometimes the computers don't work.

"If we had a bit more money we'd have a proper ICT set-up."
All Saints over the past five years has gone from a 'requires improvement' OFSTED rating to a 'good' rating, and the new head believes that work can continue. 

"We have to look at what makes us special, and having an outstanding early years is something that makes us special. 

"I think for us it's about the children's progress, and their needs. 
"We have CPD, which is continued professional development, so our staff is ready to face challenges such as the curriculum."