TRAIN DELAYS annoy everyone, but one train announcer has attempted to make the day a little bit better. 

Tony Knight, who works for South West Trains at Wokingham station, decided to improve everybody's mood this morning by reading to bored commuters. 

Mr Knight treated passengers waiting for the delayed London service to a selection of AA Milne.

One commuter said: "It always cheers me up to hear Tony, it's an awful lot more entertaining listening to his reading than it is to listen to automated announcements."

Another commented: "Hearing AA Milne was a delightful change of pace on this morning's commute, and I think that a lot of companies can now look at Tony as an example of how customer service should really be done."

A third commuter said: "I just thought it was great to listen to, he had a fantastic sense of humour and his poems were very entertaining."

Mr Knight was reading to celebrate National Poetry Day.