The final series of Inside No.9 is set to air on BBC Two very soon, with Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith bringing their black comedy anthology programme to a close.

Inside No.9 has been going since 2014, with each episode being a self-contained story set in a singular location.

A key feature of the series has been each episode having a completely different cast, outside of Shearsmith and Pemberton almost always appearing.

Speaking with the Radio Times about finishing the show, Pemberton said: "I don’t think we regret deciding to finish. Numerically, it’s our little in-joke – nine series of Inside No 9.

"It could easily have stopped after five series, but we were determined to get to that landmark."

Shearsmith added: "When the last episode is only available on iPlayer, then it really will feel like it’s concluded. There will be a sadness to it, but also massive relief that we’ve got to the end without compromising on the high bar we set ourselves.

"We’ve done 55 different stories now, and to have not repeated ourselves or started to wane feels like an achievement. We’re very proud."

Inside No.9 series 9 full cast

As usual, a number of actors will be making guest appearances in the series, which includes:

  • Eddie Marsan
  • Siobhan Finneran
  • Mark Bonnar
  • Vinette Robinson
  • Hayley Squires
  • Adrian Scarborough
  • Susan Wokoma
  • Matthew Kelly

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When will Inside No.9 series 9 be on TV?

The first episode of Inside No.9 series 9 will air at 10pm on Wednesday, May 8 on BBC Two.

After that, the remaining five episodes will air in the same timeslot over the coming Wednesdays.