A new comedy series is set to air on BBC Three soon, coming from "the unique comedy mind of Lucia Keskin".

Things You Should Have Done is described as an "offbeat" and "dysfunctional" family sitcom following a young woman dealing with the sudden death of her parents, who has to complete a list of tasks set by them to inherit their house.

The series was created by Lucia Keskin who is known for her YouTube channel 'Chi With A C' where uploads comedy sketches.

A synopsis of the show in the Radio Times reads: "An overly dependent young woman's parents die in a car accident, forcing her to fend for herself. It transpires she will inherit the house on condition she completes a list of 'Things You Should Have Done' left by her parents.

"Chi's highly strung Auntie Karen wants nothing to do with her 'pest of a niece', but very much wants the house she feels is rightfully hers."

Speaking about what inspired her to write the show, Keskin told the BBC: "Two years ago I lost my Grandad who was my best friend and like a father to me. He got me into my love of comedy in the first place.

"It was the first time I’d ever properly experienced grieving and how awful it really is. Humour was sort of the only thing that helped me through it, so when I met with Steve Monger (Exec Producer) I said that I wanted to write something that touched on grief and the surreal side of it."

BBC Three Things You Should Have Done full cast list

  • Lucia Keskin as Chi
  • Selin Hizli as Karen
  • Daniel Fearn as Dan
  • Jamie Bisping as Lucas
  • Martha Cope as Chi's Mum
  • Darren Strange as Chi's Dad

Bracknell News: The show is described as an offbeat family sitcomThe show is described as an offbeat family sitcom (Image: BBC / Roughcut TV / Jack Barnes)

  • Sinead Matthews as Michelle
  • Sachin K. Sharma as Chank
  • Steve Brody as Gary
  • Sarah Kendall as Sarah Gilbeaux
  • Jensen Clayden as Alfie

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When will Things You Should Have Done be on TV?

The first episode of Things You Should Have Done will air at 9pm on BBC Three on Thursday, February 29.

The second episode will follow immediately afterwards at 9.30pm, with episodes airing in the same timeslot in the next couple of Thursdays.

Alternatively, all episodes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on February 29.