Many of us drive a vehicle of some kind and while we might think we know everything we need to know when it comes to getting from A to B, that isn’t always the case.

There are plenty of road signs and rules we should obey in the UK like speed limits, giving way to other vehicles and more.

But what are the rules when it comes to stopping in a yellow box?

Can I stop in a yellow box when driving?

A yellow box is painted on some roads with criss-cross lines in them and sometimes it’s fine to stop in them but other times you should avoid it.

Bracknell News: Cars can drive through yellow box junctions but there are rules when it comes to stopping in themCars can drive through yellow box junctions but there are rules when it comes to stopping in them (Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

They're called box junctions and it’s worth knowing when you can and cannot enter them.

According to the government website and the highway code, motorists must avoid entering the box until their exit road or lane is clear.

However, there is an exception – you can enter the box and wait if you are turning right and if the only reason you can’t turn right yet is because of the oncoming traffic or other motorists also waiting to turn right.

If you see a yellow box at a signalled roundabout, you must only enter the box if you can completely cross over it without stopping.

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Can you be punished for breaking the law when it comes to box junctions?

If a box junction is not used correctly, you could end up with a fine as cameras are in place at many box junctions, according to the RAC.

The penalty charge notice can vary but on Transport for London’s (TfL) red routes in London it is £160 and this can be reduced to £80 if the fine is paid within 14 days, the RAC explains.

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Apart from in London and Cardiff where local authorities have enforced yellow boxes, the police have enforcement powers. 

If you think you can prove that you didn’t break the rules, you can appeal the fine.

You can find out more about box junctions via the government and RAC websites.