This increasingly popular garden trend could add up to £30,000 to your home's value, according to an estate agent. 

Many Brits continue to work fully remotely or have adopted a more flexible hybrid model which has sparked a demand for a longer-term solution for working at home.

While many were satisfied to work at the kitchen table during the Covid lockdowns, more permanent solutions like a designated desk or even an entire studio in the garden are becoming attractive options

Internet searches for garden studios are up 140% but why are they so popular and what value could they add to your home?

Bracknell News: Here's why garden buildings are becoming so popular. ( WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes)Here's why garden buildings are becoming so popular. ( WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes) (Image: WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes)

Property company David Wilson Homes has consulted with experts Grant Letts from the estate agency, Curchods and Director at garden studio supplier, WOHOBO, James Nash, to find out what the trend is all about.

Why are garden buildings becoming popular?

James Nash has shared that WOHOBO is "continuing to see a surge in demand for garden studios".

He added: "Most of our customers have a desperate need to create extra space to enable them to work from home, whether that’s full-time or as part of a hybrid routine.”

“A garden building creates a natural divide between family life and work. Even if it’s just a few steps along the garden path, being able to have a separate space for work can make a massive difference to your mindset.

“You don’t need tons of space either. Our most compact studio is just 2m x 2m and they can be installed in underused parts of the garden or in awkward spaces that couldn’t be used for much else. 

“In most cases, you won’t need  planning permission for a garden studio, so once you’ve made the decision to have one, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.” 

The demand for garden buildings extends to property hunters too.

How much will a garden studio add to my home's value?

Bracknell News: Here's how much a garden studio could do the value of your prpoerty. ( WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes)Here's how much a garden studio could do the value of your prpoerty. ( WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes) (Image: WOHOBO/ David Wilson Homes)

Curchods managing partner, Grant Letts has explained that they've "seen a steady increase in the number of properties featuring a garden building or garden room over the past few years, as well as growing buyer appeal.” 

When asked about the value a garden property can add, Mr Letts shared an example of two virtually identical period houses they were showing on the same street.

The properties reportedly were the same size, condition and location ( in fact they were within 50 yards of each other) but one had a small garden studio.

The house with the garden property sold for £30,000 more than the other home.

He added: “Similarly, a garden building may help your property sell faster. We recently marketed four comparative properties for sale and the only one featuring a garden room sold first.”

Before you consider investing in a garden studio, the experts recommend that you get quotes and ensure that all costs are included.

This goes for lighting, electrics, insulation foundations, flooring, installation and delivery.

The experts have urged those interested in a garden building to remember that "quoted prices are often not like for like and you may end up with substantial additional expenses.”