One of Scotland’s most well-known museums had to be temporarily closed as pro-Palestinian activists staged a sit-in protest.

Members of the Art Workers for Palestine Scotland group entered Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow at around 1pm on Friday.

Dozens of campaigners sat down on the floor in the main hall, across from the museum’s large organ.

Glasgow Life, which operates the museum, confirmed it had “temporarily” shut the venue on the advice of Police Scotland.

A statement on the Art Workers for Palestine Scotland Instagram page said it acted to “protest the silence and hypocrisy of the vast majority of Scotland’s arts and cultural institutions”.

It added: “Many more people were outside trying to come in but were refused entry.

“After the sit-in, we gathered outside and read Palestinian literature: Mahmoud Darwish, Mohammed El-Kurd and Adania Shibli.

“We read out our statement in the gallery: We are Art Workers for Palestine Scotland, arts workers from across the cultural sector in Scotland.

“The majority of arts and cultural institutions in Scotland have been overwhelmingly silent as we witness the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

“We refuse to let the arts, culture and heritage sector to continue as if nothing is happening.

“There is no freedom without freedom for Palestinians. There is no culture without Palestinian liberation.

“We call upon all artists, art workers, museum workers, staff, students and cultural audiences to stand with us.”

The same group was involved in a similar protest at Glasgow Queen Street station earlier this week.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Life said: “On Police Scotland’s advice, we temporarily closed Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum earlier this afternoon while they removed a group of peaceful pro-Palestine supporters.

“The museum has since reopened.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “There was a demonstration in Glasgow today in relation to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

“The event passed peacefully with no arrests.”