In this week's column, Councillor Pauline Jorgensen, the leader of the opposition on Wokingham Borough Council, has accused the ruling Liberal Democrats of a litany of failures and false promises, imploring neighbour to put their trust back into the Conservatives. Cllr Jorgensen writes:

When the Conservatives ran the Council up until May 2022 we invested in resident services, not cut them, and we made savings from efficiencies. We halved housing numbers, and we built the first new school in the Borough for 50 years.

Since the Liberal Democrats took control of the Council, supported by Labour, residents have been let down, ignored and taken for granted.

Parking charges doubled last year, despite residents' and businesses’ opposition. And they’re going up again this year, even though road repair spending isn’t.

Weekly bin collections are being scrapped, but the lorry will still turn up at your house every week. Last summer, the Liberal Democrats had to backtrack on attempts to scrap some public bins and reduce collection of the rest.

There’s still no local development plan or action on housing numbers.

Thanks to Liberal Democrat mismanagement, these reduced services will cost you more. Fees and charges will increase on average by twice the rate of inflation.

We know residents don’t want fortnightly bin collections. Last year, 1,800 residents signed a petition to keep weekly collections.

Conservatives would reinstate weekly collections and make savings by expanding the recycling service. We think people want to recycle, so we want to make it easier for them.

Having listened to residents and businesses, we’re committed to rolling back the Liberal Democrats’ increases in parking charges. We know for many people their car isn’t a luxury, it’s an expensive necessity.

A Conservative administration would also bring a new plan for housing and work with the Government to reduce housing numbers.

In May, you can bring about change. You will have the choice between more Liberal Democrat failure, or a Conservative administration that will put the community first, restore sound administration of the Council’s finances, and deliver your priorities for Wokingham Borough.

Cllr Jorgensen is also the Conservative candidate for the new Earley and Woodley Parliamentary constituency.