THE DISGRACED leader of UKIP has been forced to explain himself and admit he lied on his CV.

Henry Bolton, who faces a battle to maintain his leadership after his girlfriend made obscene remarks about Meghan Markle, fiancee of Prince Harry.

He now faces fresh embarrassment as it emerges he lied about his qualifications from Sandhurst.

Mr Bolton claimed to have a BA from the Royal Military Academy on his LinkedIn profile, but was left red-faced after being informed that Sandhurst do not offer BAs.

When pressed on the subject on Channel 4, he said: “Yes. Just to be clear on it, that’s all.

“Any employer I have worked for – I have never claimed to have anything apart from that NVQ.

“(Sandhurst) didn’t have a facility for NVQ Level 6, maybe it looks as though I’m claiming two qualifications.

“I’ve changed it.”