A SINGLE bank will remain in Crowthorne once Lloyds packs up shop in a decision one customer thinks could help 'kill the village'.

In a letter circulated on November 28, Lloyds Bank announced its Duke's Ride branch would close its doors for a final time on April 17, 2018.

Customers were told they could use the Yateley branch 3.3 miles away, Wokingham branch 3.6 miles away or Bracknell branch 4.6 miles away.

In an online explanatory report, a two per cent customer drop in a year and the fact that the branch receives less footfall than 80 per cent of Lloyds branches were cited as reasons for its closure.

Crowthorne residents and those that bank with Lloyds were less than impressed however.

Vivien Watson, from Owlsmoor, said: "I have been going to the one in Crowthorne for years and years. It being closed will be a great inconvenience.

"I assume it is because they don't get enough customers, but I can't see how they are not making enough money. They are certainly making enough from me."

With her car off the road, the 62 year-old housewife's best bet is to bank at the post office - meaning no contact with Lloyds employees - or switch to Barclays, following the closure of HSBC earlier this year.

She continued: "I am annoyed and sad. It is my one reason to go to Crowthorne.

"I will have no other reason to go, so I won't go to the other shops.

"I think it will help kill off the village."