PLANS for a 24/7 gym have been scrapped after write-in objections from nearby residents. 

Foundation Fitness gym in Sandhurst had applied to change its opening hours to allow for round the clock access. 

Bracknell Forest Council declined the application after numerous objections from local residents, mostly from residents in the neighbouring caravan estate.

Linda Smith, of Caverndish Park, wrote: "Hi this gym is noisy enough now, why does it have to be open 24/7 just to make our lives

"I have contacted the council officer who did not reply to me to find out when the meeting is taking place which will discuss this.

"We pay council tax but get nothing back how would you like to find that you are living next to a gym which wants a bar in your twilight years what have we done to deserve this"

The reasons for refusal as given by the council are as follows: "Members were concerned regarding noise of vehicle movements and in addition, parking on the highway when the car park was to be closed. 

"They were also further concerned that should 24 hour permission be awarded, the gym was to be unsupervised after 21.00.

"Current restrictions do not allow for any activity before 11.00 - 21.00 Monday to Friday, 11.00 - 18.00 on Saturday and none on Sundays or Bank holidays.

"The applicant may decide to appeal this decision and if they do the decision of the committee will be scrutinised by a government Planning inspector."

Foundation Fitness has been contacted for comment.