AN INSPIRATIONAL children's football coach has been recognised for his hard work with free pizza for a year!

Kevin Fitzmaurice, from Sandhurst, was nominated for the 'Order of the Domino’s Empire' award by daughter Keira for helping children in the community to excel as footballers and members of society.

His prize is free Domino's pizza for a year along with the ODE award - a twist on the traditional Honours List, rewarding people for extraordinary service to sport, entertainment and humankind.

Bracknell News:

Over the past 15 years Mr Fitzmaurice has juggled a full time job and a young family to inspire young people at Sandhurst Town Football Club to be the best they can be – encouraging them to use football to overcome challenges in their personal lives, with 18 former players contributing to the nomination, telling stories of how their manager helped them through ups and downs, to get to university and even pursue professional careers.

Mr Fitzmaurice said: “I’m overwhelmed that I’ve been chosen to be honoured as one of the very first ODE’s!

Bracknell News:

"I had absolutely no idea that my daughter and team had nominated me. Sandhurst Town FC has been my pride and joy over the last 10 years, I have taught the boys since they were three or four years old and they’re like family to me.

"My thanks goes out to the tremendous wider team of coaches and parents who have supported me from the beginning. We’ll definitely be celebrating our next three points with pizza!”