A CARETAKER at Sabdhurst Memorial park has praised the town council for installing a gate to stop vandals breaking in. 

For a year and a half, the memorial park has fallen victim to anti-social behaviour, with teenagers playing loud music, car headlights being flashed into private residences, and abusive behaviour towards the caretaker, Paul Waterfield, who subsequently resigned. 

This resignation led to a public backlash against the anti-social behaviour, and a local community group started a campaign to get Mr Waterfield his job back. 

The council took action and installed the gate, and Mr Waterfield has now gone back on his resignation. 

This gate has resulted in a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour, and Mr Waterfield thanked the council for their action. 

He said: “Since the gate has been installed, the well-being of myself, and my family, has improved immensely. I have peace and quiet – and it is a totally different environment.
“This has made life pleasant again, and I’ve also had positive feedback from my neighbours.”

Cllr John Porter, Chairman of Leisure at Sandhurst Town Council, said: “The introduction of a gate to the main car park and restricted parking times has resulted in less anti-social behaviour, and less litter.

“More importantly, it’s given our on-site caretaker a chance to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, as well as the surrounding properties.”