Plans to fell a number of trees to make way for a drain could go ahead despite strong objections from residents. 

A new housing estate at the site of the old TRL building in Crowthorne is due to contain more than 1,000 homes. 

Plans to move forward with the building of 207 of these have recently been submitted to Bracknell Forest Council (BFC).

Large numbers of trees stand alongside the development site however, which developers Legal and General want to remove to make way for a new foul drain.

The request has sparked anger amongst residents, with 28 putting pen to paper. 

Julie Smith, of Pinewood Avenue, Crowthorne, wrote: "There have been more than enough trees removed already. 

"Surely a development of this size must be able to move drains at this early stage and preserve the 40m boundary that has been agreed on the original planning application."

Mrs M.J. Fry, of Thornbury Close, Crowthorne, agreed whilst expressing concerns over the loss of wooded areas and wildlife habitat.

Mark Walters, of Waterloo road, Crowthorne,  commented: "The reason for my objection is the fact that so many trees have all ready been removed for the new housing estate. 

"Many residents in Crowthorne are seeing more wildlife mainly foxes entering their homes which could be caused by the loss of their homes.

"Also I myself tried recently to get planning permission and it was refused as there are trees close by which wouldn't have been removed or affected.

"I would like to know what makes it okay to remove a whole forest when single house holders struggle to build if they have any trees within the space?"

Despite the objections officers have recommended the plans, which will be put before a BFC planning meeting on August 18, for approval.