FIREFIGHTERS used a development site for a real life training exercise following the Reading crane collapse. 

The Royal Berkshire fire and rescue service team sent firefighters down to the site of McCarthy and Stone's new development in Crowthorne for a real to life experience of dealing with high-rise cranes. 

On Saturday July 29, a 60-metre crane fell onto the Primark in Reading, forcing more than 60 people to be relocated from their homes into hotels.

This training appears to have been organised to help deal with these situations when they occur. 

Lee Hancock, Crew Manager, based at Bracknell Fire Station, said: “It is incredibly important that we can act quickly to secure the safety of workers on site, in the event that a rescue situation arises.

“Mock rescue activities such as the crane exercise are incredibly valuable, providing our team with an opportunity to practice a rescue in a real life setting, yet with the support of being in a safe and controlled environment. 

"We would like to thank McCarthy and Stone for facilitating the session, which proved a real success.”

The Birch Place retirement centre is set to be situated on Duke's Ride in Crowthorne, offering 51 retirement homes exclusively for over 70s.