THE PUPILS of Owlsmoor Primary School saw their final day out in style with a motorcade of luxury cars.

At 2pm on Friday afternoon as Year 6 prepared to leave the Cambridge Road school, a fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles drew up outside.

A black and a white limo piled pupils aboard as a red sports car lowered its top.

Bracknell News:

Carey Hooton, whose daughter Melissa rode in one of the limos, said: "Over ten years ago the parents started the tradition and every year it gets a little bit more adventurous.

"The cars get a little bit flashier. It is pretty spectacular.

Bracknell News:

"This year has been pretty crazy as companies are charging £300 plus for a 30 min drive and photos.

"The children travel around and have treats in the cars."

Once aboard the students made their way down to Sandhurst Social Club for a leaving party.

More photos of the event can be found in this Wednesday's Bracknell News.