Mayor of Bracknell Forest, Tina McKenzie Boyle, dunked members of the public in water during a charity fun day on Saturday.

On Saturday Mrs McKenzie Boyle attended the Crowthorne Traders Summer Fun Day on Crowthorne High Street to participate in the festivities.

The event featured a bouncy castle, sand pit, dunk tank as well as stalls and entertainment for members of the public of all ages to enjoy.

Mrs McKenzie-Boyle posed with a firefighters charity supporter on her twitter page after they were dunked in the water. 

The fire service ran the dunk tank, which involved members of the public throwing a ball at a target which, in turn, dunked whoever was sat on the edge of the pool down into the water.

Councillor Tina McKenzie-Boyle is a big supporter of the fire fighters charity, as her father was a firefighter himself. 

Next April, she will be jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft next year to raise money for the charity that is so dear to her heart. 

"I know only too well the stress and psychological impacts that servicemen and their families are subject to.

"My father was a member of the fire fighters for so many years, and all he got was a thank you and a cup of tea every now and again, so we want to do something to give back to these people who give so much to society."

The skydive will take place on Sunday April 22 2018, and those wishing to sign up can do so by visiting, entrance is £50 with £345 as a guaranteed minimum fundraiser amount.