A POLICE officer battling depression is half way through a year's worth of endurance challenges.

Last year Pete Osborn was diagnosed with depression.

After a course of cognitive behavioural therapy, the Sandhurst resident 'came out' to friends, colleagues and, in December, the world at large via social media.

The support he received overwhelmed the dad of four, inspiring him to take on a gruelling long distance challenge each month for a year.

"The only way I got better is through the support of family, friends and even people I haven't met before," Mr Osborn explained.

"The next part of helping myself was to get physically fit.

"Because of how I am, one of the things that helps me is to help others, so I combined it all and decided to take on a physical challenge to raise money for MIND (mental health charity)."

Bracknell News:

Pete Osborn riding at the Resolutions Sportive event.

The year began with the Resolutions Sportive bike ride in January, with an ultra half marathon and colour obstacle rush coming in the following months.

Six events and half way through, Mr Osborn has raised £1,900 and is now training for a 100 mile ride around London on July 30.

"I didn't talk about the depression for a long time," the 41 year-old continued.

"It had been brewing for probably two or three years, and last year it got to the point where I couldn't cope anymore.

"If I had just spoken to people it might not have got to the point it did. I didn't even tell my mum.

"But when I did tell people the support that came was amazing.

"A friend of a friend of a friend sent me a message offering support and saying I have done the right thing.

"This was a guy who was in hospital waiting to have a brain tumour removed. It was very humbling having someone who could have died saying that to me."

To support Mr Osborn and MIND, click here.