A 'WORRIED' guest has slammed a hotel for allowing more than 30 people to hold a ceremonial event during Covid-19.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the News after her stay at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel & Spa in Sunninghill, Ascot.

On Friday, June 11, she saw large floral arrangements being delivered to what she presumed was a 'wedding or a reception' and after speaking to reception she was told it was for a 'special meal that evening'.

Then at around 5pm, the guest saw people arriving in the car park to the hotel with more guests 'congregating than the 30 government guidelines allow for outdoor events'.

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Under the current UK government guidelines on coronavirus, receptions and celebrations are permitted to take place with up to 30 people.

They can take place either indoors in a Covid-secure venue (this does not include private homes), or outdoors (which does include gardens of private homes).

Bracknell News: Photo taken by anonymous hotel guest at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel and Spa Photo taken by anonymous hotel guest at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel and Spa

She explained to the News: "Our room overlook the car park. Then a white stretched limo arrived and a young couple emerged, appearing to confirm our suspicion it was a wedding. These people outside were taking photos like it was something special.

"By this time cars were being parked all over the place and the children were kicking gravel everywhere, so I swiftly moved my car to another spot in the hotel grounds to avoid damage to my car and also make another space available, some other guests also did the same.

"A significant proportion of the cars the party were driving had Belgian number plates."

She said a wing of the hotel reserved for a group of people with their own dining room and check-in area was right next to her room. She claims this left her with no choice but to walk past the groups area to be able to exit the hotel

Adding: "We voiced our concerns to a member of staff this morning that we felt uncomfortable, this seemed to be beyond Covid regulations and again asked if it was a wedding.

"We were told, in hushed tones 'it is not a wedding, they are here for a retreat! They have their own area of the hotel which is cordoned off.' When we mentioned the events of the previous evening, we were told that they knew nothing of this and were dismissive."

Bracknell News:

The hotel guest also claims the group didn't keep to their own area of the hotel making her feel unsafe due to Covid.

Adding: "I thought about complaining to the hotel directly, but after being fobbed off with feeble excuses, I felt my concerns needed to be aired elsewhere."

The Macdonald Berystede hotel and spa in Ascot confirmed 'they did not comply' with the government guidelines on Coronavirus after holding the event on Saturday, June 12.

A spokesperson for Macdonald Hotels said: “We hosted a religious celebration on Saturday evening, having previously made clear to the external event organiser that tables of no more than six and family bubbles were to be in place to ensure Covid compliance.

“Unfortunately, the tables were moved by the event organiser and then did not comply with these stipulations.

“We have now put in place a rigorous system of additional checks to ensure there can be no repeat of this unfortunate situation.”