A NATIONAL job fair will hold a session in Broad Street Mall in August.

The Jobs Fair promises to bring national and Berkshire employers to the Mall between 10am and 2pm on Friday, August 12.

Katie Applestock, who went to a fair in Ipswich, said: “There was a great mixture of companies to talk too and this included big name businesses like; Santander, the Body Shop and Hastings Direct.”

Meanwhile Adam Williams, who went to the Leicester fair, said: “It’s a quicker and easier way of getting myself into a job.”

The Jobs Fair offers everyone a chance to change job or find employment.

The event is free to attend and does not require pre-registration.

All ages are welcome at the event which is being backed by Reading Borough Council and the town’s job centre.

Georgia Perks, head of marketing at The Jobs Fair, said: “It’s a good idea to have some copies of your CV with you and have some idea of the questions you would like to ask potential employers.

"Don’t be afraid to approach the employers as you might be exactly what they’re looking for! It will all help you to get the most out of the day.”

Another attendee said: “I had six companies take my CV and I’ve got an interview with three of them, which is great.”

Companies representing sales, admin, care, industrial, customer service and other industries will be on hand for the event.