A RETAIL hero says she feels humbled to have been nominated for a Pride of Bracknell Award.

Hazel Kent, who ran the Market Cafe in Bracknell Market for three years until closing it last month, has been put forward as a potential champion.

She said: “I’m speechless and I’m really humbled. It’s lovely to get a bit of recognition.

“I don’t feel I did that much compared to other people but I’ve never been nominated for anything before so it’s really nice.” Katrina David, who was a regular customer at the cafe, said: “Hazel has run the Market Cafe for three years and she always goes beyond the call of duty. Helping the disabled customers and giving many of them discounted or free meals.

“She looks out for them and helps them with their problems. For some of the customers it is their only hot meal all week. Some use it as a place to see a familiar face and have a chat. The market is closing and the cafe can no longer trade. Hazel deserves recognition for what she has done.” Hazel closed the cafe earlier this year due to dwindling trade and the prospect of the old 3M building and indoor market being knocked down later this year.

However, she said she had enjoyed a wonderful time running the cafe.

She said: “If I had my time over I would do it all over again. I had a fantastic, fun and social three years speaking to different people from different walks of life, from the toffs to the homeless.That made it for me although I didn’t make any money from it!” If you know anyone like Hazel who deserves a Pride of Bracknell Award, fill in the form, left, or visit www.bracknellnews.co.uk/pride