THE Wombles were the thrifty inspiration for a Pride of Bracknell Eco Hero.

Russell Bryant, 47, runs the Bracknell Freegle group that aims to reduce landfill by allowing people to post items they want to get rid of on a website so that others can collect them for free.

Mr Bryant, a police call centre worker from Priestwood, said: "It was watching The Wombles as a child - that's really how I got into it." The award is sponsored by 3M and Mr Bryant said: "It is fantastic to be given the award. I didn't expect it at all. " Since Freegle began in February last year the Bracknell branch has gained 5,700 members and around 28,800 posts have been left on its website by people either looking for items or wanting to get rid of them.

Mr Bryant said: "If people want to save the environment and save the planet, they have to look at stopping landfill."