A BRAVE 10-year-old girl who saved her father's life was given a standing ovation as she received her Child of Courage award.

Georgia Blanshard was nominated for the Pride of Bracknell Award for her quick-thinking after her dad, Tim Hollis, slipped into a diabetic coma while driving their car towards a river.

Many at the ceremony on Monday had to wipe away a tear as Georgia told them: "He was just not responding to me and he wasn't telling me anything, but I tried to stay calm. It was really scary." BBC Radio Berkshire presenter Andrew Peach, who hosted the evening with Debbie McGee, told the audience at the Grange Hotel in Bracknell: "She did one of the most heroic things you could possibly do: she saved her father's life." Georgia, from North Ascot, and Tim were on the first day of a camping holiday at Sussex seaside town West Wittering in August when Georgia realised that something was wrong.

The Ascot Heath Junior School pupil said: "Dad was driving down a stony path and the car could only just fit. I was worried and eventually I told him to stop and I tapped him and he was cold. Eventually he stopped and I just panicked but I had to stay calm.

"I rang my mum but she didn't pick up because she was in the shower so then I rang my aunty. She told me I had to ring the police.

"I was in tears, I didn't know what to do. I just stopped and thought, 'Right, this is a nightmare but I have just got to do it'." She dialled 999 and an ambulance soon arrived to take her dad to hospital, where he was checked over and released later that day. Georgia added: "Dad said I did very well and said, 'Thank you', too." The young girl had been given the mobile by her mum Maggie Blanshard and her aunt Liz Blanshard, from Forest Park, for her birthday only two months before - and she admitted it was nearly out of battery when the drama happened.

Her aunt, Liz, said at Monday night's ceremony: "I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. She was in tears. It was just the worst feeling in the world. I felt so far away.She did a cracking job. She is a fantastic girl.

Mum Maggie added: "I am so proud of her. Any mum would be. She did really well."