VARIETY show producer Shirley Burns has been singled out for special praise for her charity work.

The 73-year-old has spent much of the last 30 years helping to run the 2nd Crowthorne cub group, producing the South East Berks Scout Gang Show and raising money for worthy causes.

This led Clare Heffill of Heathmoors, Bracknell, to nominate the great-grandmother from Hanworth for the Creative Hero Award at this year's Pride of Bracknell Awards.

She said: "I am nominating her for changing the lives of many local children, making thousands of children good citizens and giving them the confidence to face the outside world.

"There are 100 children in the Gang Show and they have rehearsals from September to February. Shirley gives up every Sunday afternoon in that time and starts auditions before that. " Mrs Burns said: "I feel honoured to be nominated, but I am quite sure there are people more worthy of it than me."