LEADER of the council Paul Bettison OBE has praised the work of the council in this year’s budget.

Cllr Bettison spoke at the Bracknell Forest Council meeting to give his approval to the budget for this year, which passed with an approval rate of 41 out of 42 councillors approving.

This budget included a council tax increase of 5.99 per cent, equating to £1.38 a week for a band D property.

He said: “I am proud that I’m not complacent, and that is the hallmark of this council. I do believe the £1.38 rise on a band D is reasonable. Any rise is a rise we would rather not have.

“Had we have listened to those in opposition who have told us to spend more and not put up council tax and just use reserves, we would have now have hit rock bottom on a number of occasions.”

“There’s a council 8 miles away that hit rock bottom. I had one of their officers come to see me to learn about the transformation project, I referred them to Cllr Peter Heydon and our officers.”