PLANS for a school to level a sports field were thrown out by councillors, who were unhappy with the ‘traffic movements’ brought forward.

Edgebarrow School in Crowthorne submitted plans to level its playing fields with the hopes of encouraging sporting excellence, which is currently not possible as they are too sloped.

The levelled fields would also allow for senior rugby and hockey to be played as well as amend the current drainage issues.

However, the submitted plans ‘horrified’ councillors and only four members of the planning committee believed the submission would suffice.

Some councillors took issue with lorries being around the school and felt there were not enough provisions in place to ensure the safety of the children.

There is also concern about the impact the lorries would have on residents.

Councillor Dale Birch, said: “I went on the site and I was horrified. I know lots of hard work has gone on between the school, but I cannot see how this is safe for young people in particular.

“Where there are young people with their heads down looking at their phones, there is no consideration for that. This is poorly thought through.

“Trying to find somewhere safe for lorries has not been looked at and nor has the impact on the surrounding community and I cannot support this motion.”

Cllr Birch added that he was not happy with the plans for the street cleaning following the completion of the work.

He believes that the cleanup needs to be policed to ensure that it is done to an acceptable standard.

He said: “If the conditions are not policed, what we could get is a man with a wheel-barrow, a shovel and brush to do it all and that is not my idea of the right thing.

“Given all the points that I have made- there is no way I can support this.”

The plans may be amended and put before the planning committee again.

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