A SCOUTMASTER who operated in Bracknell has admitted to child abuse. 

Russell Butler, 58, of Arborfield, Wokingham, stood at Reading Crown Court on February 13, where he denied the charges.

But he changed his plea, and admitted two charges of sexual assault on a child under the age of 13, after the court heard an overview of the evidence.

The other three charges all related to count four, which involved multiple attacks.

Butler worked in Bracknell and had ties to Ascot, the court heard.

He was accused of two counts of sexual assault on a minor, both of which he decided to admit after original evidence was heard.

On Tuesday February 13, the Prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson told the jury that Butler had, on more than three occasions, assaulted children.

On one occasion, he was also accused of having put his hand under a young girl’s skirt, and telling another “let me look at your p****”

The court heard that two of the victims had discussed the incidents, but it was said that they didn’t want to get Butler into trouble by reporting him, one of the girls even told the other “watch out, he’s a bottom patter.”

Mr Ward-Jackson explained that the charges relate to incidents in 2015 and 2016.

Butler was eventually arrested after one of the two victims came forward and reported the incident to her family, who called police.

In his police interview, Butler gave a pre-prepared statement denying all charges against him, and for every question gave the same answer - “No comment.”

He appeared at Reading Crown Court dressed in a full suit and a wedding ring, though there was nobody in the public gallery for either of his appearances.

He will be sentenced on March 9, and will remain in custody until that date.