A HYPNOTHERAPIST is on the lookout for confidence-bereft football teams which could use a boost.

Former European champion freestyle jet skier Paul Hewitt has pledged to help a struggling side free of charge this year.

Mr Hewitt, who was born in Reading and lives in Bracknell, wants to instil confidence and belief in a group of players to help improve their results on the pitch.

He will work with the winning team for 12 weeks and track their progress throughout the course.

"If you want to change people's behaviour, you need to change what they believe and what they think," said Mr Hewitt.

"That’s why hypnotherapy can make such a difference.”

Mr Hewitt is trained in modern hypnotherapy methods as well as sports psychology.

He works with elite and aspiring athletes to help them achieve their sporting goals.

Call 07792 930980 or email myagamecoaching@gmail.com