A WOMAN was rushed to hospital in a neck brace after she had to be cut free from her car.

Firefighters from Bracknell and Ascot were sent to the scene of the crash on Bracknell Road, Warfield, shortly after 9pm on Saturday.

Police and paramedics also attended after the collision with a BMW, causing the female to be trapped in her Volkswagen Beetle.

Fire crews believe the woman suffered serious injuries after pulling out of the junction into moving traffic and both cars are likely to be written off by the damage.

She was strapped to a board with a neck brace and taken to hospital, with firefighters leaving the scene at around 10.30pm.

Crew manager Ben Henshaw, from Bracknell fire station, said: "We went to a road traffic collision on Bracknell Road in Warfield.

"It is a road with a junction and one car did not realise and the other car crashed into the side of it. We were there along with paramedics and police.

"Because of the impact we had to use cutting gear to free her. I could not be too specific on how old she was and I am not sure who was driving the BMW.

"Both cars will be written off. The impact pushed her into a very awkward position onto the verge. She was awake but she was in quite a lot of pain.

"She was put into a neck brace and onto a board and then into the ambulance. We would not be able to comment on the specific nature of her injuries."

South Central Ambulance Service was approached for comment.