A CONSERVATIVE councillor who failed to pay council tax on time has apologised.

Bracknell Forest Councillor Susie Phillips failed to pay, and was issued with a court summons.

She did, however, pay before she had to attend court.

In a statement, Mrs Phillips explained that she missed paying because she thought her husband had already done it, and vice versa.

“Due to unforeseen family circumstances both my husband and myself thought the other had paid it. Once our mistake was highlighted we paid in full and set up a direct debit so this embarrassing situation will never happen again.”

Figures released this week by news magazine Private Eye showed councillors throughout the country who had failed to pay their council tax, or failed to pay on time.

Councillor Phillips was not the only councillor from Bracknell Forest Council to have not paid on time, however she was the only councillor to receive a summons to court. 

Another Bracknell councillor who failed to pay on time is yet to be named.