ELDERLY residents are being targeted by a ‘fake police’ scam.

In multiple incidents around Berkshire, people over the age of 60-years-old are becoming the victims of courier fraud.

Offenders are calling up elderly victims, and claiming to be from a London police station, giving a fake name and details of rank.

The offender then tells the victim that they are the victim of credit card fraud, and asks them to call the number on the back of the card.

At this point, the offender pretends to hang up, but doesn’t, and leaves the victim believing they are on the phone to someone from their bank, and is encouraged to give their bank details over.

They are then told to go to their nearest cash point, withdraw large sums of cash, and not tell anyone.

After this, they are told to put their card and their cash in an envelope so it “can be examined by a forensics team.” according to the fraudster.

The fraudster will then arrange for a police courier to pick up the cash and cards from the victim’s house, and the offender will then be in possession of the victim’s card, cash and pin number.

Police have moved to reassure residents that they will never ask for any bank details or a pin over the phone.

Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Please remember the following:
“The Police or the Bank will NEVER ask for bank details or a PIN over the phone.

“Never give your bank cards or PIN to anyone.

“If you receive one of these calls end it immediately.

“Always call 999 if the crime is in action or report any other incidents to the police on the Non-Emergency number 101.”