POLICE are hunting a gang in an Audi who have carried out a spree of burglaries.

The Audi RS3, grey in colour, is being linked to 12 crimes in the Wokingham and Winnersh area.

The first incident, on Reading Road, Winnersh, took place on January 11 at midday, where an offender attempted to break into a home.

The offender smashed a glass panel to gain entry, but appeared to have been halted by an angry dog, which started barking and forced the offender away.

Five days later, on the same road, offenders made their way into a property by forcing a lock open.

Every room in the house was searched, and the offenders even went so far as to remove the bath panel in their hunt, which took place between 3pm and 9.15pm.

Asian jewellery was taken during a raid on a home in Birchmead, Winnersh, on January 11 between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Offenders forced French doors open at the rear of the property, before searching the house and bedrooms, and taking the Asian Gold jewellery.

Laurel Cottages Road, Winnersh, was targeted on January 14 overnight going into January 15.

Would-be thieves attempted to break into the property, but were unsuccessful, leaving damage to the property, but not gaining access.

Three men were seen running from a property after raiding a house in just seven minutes.

The offenders had gained access to the house on Roberts Grove, Wokingham, on January 12.

A neighbour saw a man enter the house, before three men were seen running in front of the house, and jumping over the fence into Blagrove Close.

During their raid, from 6.50pm to 6.57pm, they forced a first floor window open, before searching the house and taking jewellery, before triggering the alarm.

On Barkham Road on January 15, rear doors to a property were found open, and the house had been raided.

On January 16, a house on Kestral Way was broken into and cash and jewellery were taken.

The lock on the front door was forced open, and the offenders rooted through the house, including locked filing cabinets, stealing items including cash, jewellery, and a watch. They escaped through the kitchen window, and jumped over the fence in the back garden to get into the pathway.