ROWERS smashed a world record attempt in their bid to raise thousands for charity.

The team will be taking on the Talisker Atlantic Challenge at the end of the year for Multiple Sclerosis charities, and during their training decided to take on the record for longest continuous row by a mixed-sex group.

They were supported by students at Royal Holloway University, where they were undertaking the challenge. One rower, Benjamin Ajayi-Obe, from Warfield, said it was ‘brutal’ but worth the end result.

He said: “We are incredibly proud to have broken the record, although it still needs to be officially approved.

"It was a tough experience, but we had some great support who wondered over to us.

"My body is really fatigued and sore now that the row is over but the whole thing went smoothly and we did not encounter any problems along the way.”

The row formed part of the preparation for the Talisker Atlantic Challenge at the end of the year.