A DRUNK man hanged himself in the woods after a 'disagreement' over scratch cards at work, an inquest heard.

Cayetano Juria Salen of Purbrook Court, Bracknell was found suspended in the woodlands area behind Delcross by a ground maintenance worker on September 5, 2017. 

A beer bottle, a rucksack and his bicycle were found nearby as well as a note to his wife, Lisa Oning, saying 'goodbye'. 

the 59-year-old stormed out of Londis early the day before after being confronted by his supervisor over unbalanced books and dodgy lottery card purchases. 

Mr Salen's wife, Lisa Oning said:  "I received a call from his boss to say that he was coming home early because there was a disagreement at work, but he was not meant to finish until 10pm.

"I waited at home for him but he did not come back. I thought he would come home when he was ready.

"He has never said that he was worried about anything or said that he wanted to take his life or self harm."

Police called to the scene declared Mr Salen dead at 4.42pm and said there was no third party involvement in his death. 

His wallet was found on his body with his ID card and the note for his wife, written in his native language, Filipino.

It read:  "I am sorry that I did not have the courage to face you. Goodbye one million times- I love you."

A toxicology report revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of 454mg within his system, which is considered to be a fatal level to consume.

Recording a verdict of death by suicide, Peter Bedford, senior coroner for Berkshire, said: "He had clearly quite a lot to drink and  he intended to perform the action of taking his own life. 

"It reads like someone who does not intend to continue to live and I believe there is enough for me to say that he took his own life.