RESIDENTS have reacted angrily after Bracknell Forest Homes enlisted a parking enforcement firm to rake in fines - rather than come up with a ‘solution’ to the problem.

Over the course of January, signs have been posted by PCM around Bracknell Forest areas warning residents that they could be charged for parking.

Residents complained that the signs have been placed on private property - but they have been advised they can remove them if they are on private property.

One concerned resident contacted the council to complain against the company’s actions.

Alison Raby said: “The area is desperately in need of a parking solution. Instead of helping residents BFH have contracted PCM to patrol the area giving fines.

“What resident actually wants to mount a curb and park on a muddy verge? They do it as there is no alternative option. It’s even more sickening that there is clearly enough space to convert the verges, solving the issues but no one is willing to invest.

“The residents of the area need support to put pressure on BFH to actually resolve the parking issues; not just make money from them.”

Linda Wells, executive director for Bracknell Forest Homes, said: “In Great Hollands, around two thirds of properties are in private ownership.

"There are garages for most of the properties which are either owned or rented - they are not always used for cars, though we appreciate some of the larger modern vehicles don’t fit.

"A common complaint from our customers is that their garages are obstructed which means they don’t have access and there is limited manoeuvring space. It is for this reason we decided to trial a parking enforcement scheme via PCM. The trial was successful and we consequently decided to roll it out to other areas in Bracknell.”

Last year, residents complained that cars were being parked on the verge, stopping ambulances and emergency vehicles from accessing roads. Bracknell Forest Homes said its aim is to encourage obstruction-free and courteous parking.