A NEW cost-cutting initiative aimed at tackling child obesity through physical activity has been launched.

The Actives Card, founded by a Bracknell man, is a 12-month family membership card that allows parents to help to access more than 200 free sessions and discounts on an array of physical activities.

The card helps parents and schools save money on physical activities for children aged three to 11 through trial sessions and discounts with hopes of getting them more active in every day life. The card was rolled out to residents within a 20km radius of Bracknell and more than 1,000 members have joined the initiative since its launch.

Founder of the Actives Card, Joel James, said: “The Actives Card is leading the way to show how local communities can work together so that everyone benefits in the fight against childhood obesity.”

“It started when I was trying to look for a street dancing class for my daughter and I was really struggling to find a class in the local area at a decent price.

“I thought it would be great if people had access to a multitude of classes at a discount price, all under one card.”

Mr James believes that the initiative has the capability of reaching national and international lengths and he hopes it will one day be the worlds number one children’s health and well-being brand.

He added: “This is just the beginning for us. We have aspirations of pushing Actives to be a global brand leading the charge to get kids more active.

“We are extremely passionate about helping support local communities, through primarily engaging and connecting parents, schools and local businesses through the fun and engaging Actives brand. We believe that educating, supporting and rewarding these key groups will be vital to reversing the tide against what the World Health Organisation describes as the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century – childhood obesity.”

Visit theactivescard.co.uk or email joel@theactivescard.co.uk