DESIGNATED drivers are set to enjoy their alcohol-free night that little bit more after a free soft drink campaign was launched.

The We Love Bracknell 'free soft drinks for designated drivers' Christmas campaign has so far seen four bars sign up to provide drivers with a night worth of drinks.

Designated drivers are encouraged to ask at the bars for a wrist band and will receive free draught soft drinks for their night out.

The four bars to sign up the the campaign so far are: The Bridge in Bracknell, The Plough & Harrow pub in Warfield, Spin Bar in Wokingham and The Prince of Wales in Priestwood.

Mark John, founder of We Love bracknell said: "We have lost people over the years in Bracknell to drink driving incidents, and I personally have been left heartbroken when I lost a friend to a drink-driving accident.

"It hurts to see the anguish people still feel over losing a dear friend in an entirely avoidable car collision.

"The vast majority of members on We Love Bracknell support the idea, although i have read one or two comments asking if we really need to reward people for not getting behind the wheel while under the influence."

The idea was hit with immediate support from residents on the We Love Bracknell Facebook page, with hundreds of people approving of the initiative.

Mr John says the scheme is about getting the message out to young drivers that the risk of drink-driving is not worth the reward.

He added: "You have no way of knowing the effects that extra drink will have on your reaction times, and as a result you’re putting peoples lives at risk as well as your own.

"If we can save one accident from happening then that’s job done. Of course there would be no way of knowing, but how fantastic that we can all play a part in saving lives."