A TEAM of experienced staff have been brought in to save an ailing pharmacy that has descended into 'total and utter chaos'.

Earlier this year Lloyds took over the management of the pharmacy at the Bagshot Hill Sainsbury's.

Since the switch staff numbers have dwindled and queues have grown, with many forced to wait well over an hour to pick up their prescriptions.

Suze Woodley has been a customer of the pharmacy for 18 years and collects a number of items each month to care for her son, who has complex health needs.

The 42 year-old said: "Since Lloyds took over the staff has dwindled massively. There's normally five members of staff, but on Monday there were only two. There have to be more than two to check our prescriptions.

"So many people were there and angry. I was waiting for an hour and twenty minutes for my prescription. I think the staff are becoming very overwhelmed with it. They get so much abuse from customers. They are such nice people."

Scores of similarly irate customers have taken to social media and the NHS website to register their complaints.

One anonymous pharmacy user described their time attempting to pick up a repeat prescription.

They said: "People were close to tears, many people had to get back to work, had children with them and some looked ill.

"Total and utter chaos on Tuesday, seemed loads of people behind the scenes but everything was muddled and confused. Many people were complaining GPs had sent repeat scripts to the pharmacy up to a week before and Lloyds said they didn't have them. I will never use this pharmacy again."

Responding to the concerns, Peter Broadhurst, LloydsPharmacy area manager, said actions were being taken to get things in order.

He said: "We are extremely sorry that the service in this branch has suffered over the last few months and has been below the high standards that we set ourselves.

"I have followed up personally with a number of customers who have experienced poor service. We have had some recruitment challenges, but we have now called upon an experienced team to get us back on track and ensure we deliver for our patients throughout Christmas and beyond.

"We are also working on additional recruitment through which we can offer excellent career development."

Mr Broadhurst asked people with complaints or feedback to call 0345 600 3565 or contact the pharmacy via post, email or online.