A YOUTUBE STAR who snuck into Coral Reef was left to stay in the water world overnight despite being confronted by staff twice.

Ally Law's video was published on November 3 and shows him and two other Youtubers finding their way into the recently re-opened waterpark, before hiding and making full use of the facilities once workers had left. 

Mr Law, who has 245,000 subscribers on his Youtube account, described techniques the urban-explorers used to avoid detection by staff.

"Our original plan was to find a fire exit and get into the building and hide, but once we saw the hi-vizes we had to take the opportunity," he said. 

"It's funny how convincing a hi-viz can be. 

"I'm not going to lie, at one point I thought it was all over when the workers opened the door.

"We managed to find a hatch open because workers were packing up."

When they were confronted, the three men claimed they were looking for their boss and tool keeper 'Ryan', convincing the real workers to leave them be.

He continued: "We got caught again in the tunnels later on but I didn't catch it on video, the guy just said 'are you guys nearly finished?'"

"We didn't know it was empty, we went into the main pool area and hid behind a fridge for two and a half hours.

"Workers got real close to us as they were cleaning up. Then the lights turned off and a guy on the radio said, 'if there is anybody in the building come to the main entrance or you'll be locked in', for the workers of course."

Mr Law then explained how they managed to escape the swimming complex after they'd finished in the pool. 

"The fire exits in the pool were padlocked for some reason but we went back into the main reception and back down into the catacombs, opened the fire exit down there and left," he continued.

"The gate was locked and our friend's car was in there so we almost got locked in the car park but he managed to drive around it."

The Youtube star also confirmed to The News that the video was not in any way set up by Coral Reef, as some have claimed on social media. 

You can watch the video on Ally Law's Youtube page here: