CORAL Reef lost the custom of 15 people after a man called the pool 39 times and still failed to get through.

Simon Swanson decided to book a birthday party for his daughter on November 5 at the Nine Mile Ride centre, which opened at the end of September following £13m of investment. 

The Bracknell resident was left infuriated however when none of his attempts to get through to the pool's booking line were successful. 

"I have phoned Coral Reef today 39 times in an attempt to book and pay for 15 people to swim at Coral Reef on Sunday, November 5 as part of my daughters seventh birthday celebrations but I have been unable to speak with anyone," he said.

"I was trying to give them money as well, but now we're going to go to Basingstoke Aquadrome instead."

The waterpark has received negative reviews on social media for the lack of development to the actual pool area. 

The £13.3m development focused on the changing rooms, the reception area, and the new waterslides, and the council had made it clear they weren't improving the main swimming pool area.

"All I am told by Bracknell Forest Council Customer services is that Coral Reef are busy which, considering the public money that’s been invested in the facilities is unacceptable not to consider the amount of time the pool has been closed for the work to be completed."

Vincent Paliczka, director of environment, culture and communities, said: "The public enthusiasm for Coral Reef since re-opening last month has exceeded all our expectations. As a consequence we were experiencing unprecedented high volumes of visitors and calls during half term and it was a necessity to prioritise customers at Coral Reef itself.

“We updated our website and Facebook page with the latest service information to manage our customers expectations when trying to visit or contact us over the phone. We apologise to those who have been unable to get through on the phone for party and group bookings. We try to answer as many calls as possible but this can be very challenging during peak busy periods.

"We would like to assure residents and potential visitors that we are doing everything we can to respond to enquiries and welcome people as quickly as possible.

"For the latest information, pre-booking and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit”

Bracknell Forest Council has also assured The News that they will be replying to Mr Swanson directly.