RESIDENTS stuck on the Windsor side of a newly drawn constituency map have hit out at the historical allegiance.

Earlier this month a revised map of the UK's constituencies was released, ahead of a review in September 2018 after which 50 less MPs will return to parliament.

Except for moving the Windsor boundary slightly south, the Royal Borough and Bracknell's patches remain the same.

Where residents in the area vote has long been a point of contention, with those in Winkfield, Warfield and North Ascot casting their general election ballots in Windsor, but falling under the charge of Bracknell Forest Council.

Michael Sargent wrote: "Binfield where I live and Warfield are currently under the Windsor constituency. This makes no sense to me.

"I never go to Windsor. We have nothing in common with Windsor.

"Binfield and Warfield should be part of Bracknell, or even Wokingham. But to be part of Windsor, which is about 10 miles away, is ridiculous."

Jacqui O'Connor had equally strong feelings.

She said: "I am unhappy with the democratic black-hole I find myself in north of the Borough and desire for Binfield and Warfield to be represented by the MP that looks after the interests of the rest of the Borough we are a part of."

Philip Noons from Sunninghill Park, Ascot went further.

He argued: "Please can you expand the boundary changes to remove another 300 MPs from the House of Commons. Maybe then we will see some effective change in Westminster.

"What the commission is proposing is not nearly radical enough."

Michael Gbaedebo, who found himself just inside the Bracknell constituency to the north west, was far more positive however.

He said: "On behalf of Bracknell Conservative Association I am writing to formally record our thanks to all concerned for their hard work in compiling this report.

"Having shared the proposal with our members, and considered the implications, it was felt that residents would be appropriately and well represented by this plan.

"We wholeheartedly support this proposal on no change to Bracknell."

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