DOZENS of pugs and pug owners walked and gardened in memory of a beloved dog.

Earlier this year Bluebelle, owned by Martin Clowes of Bridgend in south Wales, contracted Pug Dog Encephalitis, a disease of the central nervous system.

She died after suffering several seizures.

Well known in certain circles for her dramatic recovery after growing up in horrible conditions, Bluebelle became internet famous thanks to the work of Mr Clowes, who heads the French and Pug Dog Foundation.

The Berkshire Pugs and Cross group took the dog's story to heart and on Sunday met at Lilly Hill Park to plant a meadow of bulbs in her memory.

Ryan Simpson, leader of the Berkshire group, said: "It was a good day, emotional for some as you could imagine. I would say we had around 70 members and 50 dogs there.

"Martin Clowes made a short emotional speech to thank everyone for coming and to say what Bluebelle meant to him.

"We then all split up and planted all the bulbs in different areas. Now we wait until spring to see the area flourish and hopefully increase year-on-year as the bulbs establish themselves.

"We hope every visitor to Lily Hill Park can enjoy the meadow each year."

Martin Clowes is a huge figure in the pug world, having founded Pugfest, a yearly event in south Wales that sees owners and dogs from across the country meet.

He said: "She was very tiny and a special girl that has made a big impact and left a huge hole.

"The guys at Berkshire Pugs really warmed to her. Now she has her own trust.

"If you are owner and lose your dog it really affects you."