THE NEPHEW of Berkshire’s most celebrated magician is to return to his uncle’s old patch for his first stage show.

James Phelan has been learning magic since he was a child.

His initial fascination with the craft came through visits to his uncle’s house, the late, great Paul Daniels, who lived in Wargrave with his wife Debbie McGee.

From the age of eight he would tinker around with the magical contraptions in the couple’s house.

Last year Phelan stepped things up a notch and decided to take his show to Britain’s Got Talent, where he was immediately marked as a favourite.

It was at this point that Daniels died from a brain tumour and his nephew ended his time on the show.

“It was the mixture of two things,” the 24 year-old said, referring to the motivation for his show.

“It was the fire of Britain’s Got Talent and the sadness that came with my uncle getting ill that convinced me to push forward.

“In the show I am doing a bit dedicated to my uncle. It’s like a part from his show where he talked about the first time he ever saw a magician.”

For Phelan, taking to the boards with his own show has been a long time coming.

“It has been on my mind since I was eight years old,” he continued.

“And since my uncle passed away it has been my soul focus. I wouldn’t say it is exactly in his memory, but it has totally been inspired by him.

“The thing I find difficult now is I want to ring him when I’m writing the show, but obviously I can’t.”

Trickster, which Phelan describes as ‘in the style of’ his uncle with its light, cheeky form, will be at the South Street Arts Centre on September 9 and at Norden Farm on September 22.